financialFINANCIAL ASSISTANCE           

Should it be necessary, arrangements to accommodate the payment of fees should be made well in advance.  We recommend that as soon as a student has been accepted by the Academy following the interview, application must be made at a financial institution for the granting of study assistance.  Proof of payment must reach our offices by 07 January 2019, that is 1 week prior to registration day.


Option 1 (Normal settlement as required)

Pay the full tuition fee and other fees (kit/text books/uniforms) before registration day as required. 

Option 2 (Advance Payment)

Start paying in 2018 towards the 2019 tuition fee and receive a discount of 1% per month on the amount paid.  This discount could be credited against your account for exam fees, kit, text books and uniforms.  Please note that the non-refundable Registration/Administration fee must be paid before qualifying for the 1% per month discount.  (The 1% discount is not applicable on the non-refundable Registration/Administration fee).

Option 3 (Bank study loan)

Apply for a bank study loan.  Isa Carstens Academy has a very good relationship with the following banks:  ABSA Student Loans / First National Bank / Standard Bank.  


Atterbury Trust Pretoria    

Tel : +27 12 471 1600                           E-mail:

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NB: No student will be allowed to register unless written proof from the financial / relevant institution that the study loan has been approved, is presented before day of registration.