Isa Carstens’ Holistic Approach to the Study of Somatology

The science (and art) of beauty in its numerous guises and facets has been part of South Africa’s thriving aesthetics business scene for a long time; long before the broader public had ever heard of somatology. Many people will remember the early days when the first health hydro and wellness spa were established, quietly tucked away somewhere in the countryside, seemingly far away from outside influences and interruptions.

Typically, patients were booked in for long weekends or a week or two, so that they could thoroughly immerse themselves in the indulgent world of treatments, therapies, detoxification and slimming regimens – a paradise for pampering and healing of the inner and outer self. Mainly beauty therapists, often under the auspices of medical practitioners, performed treatments.

Somatology – a Holistic Science

Although today’s somatologists continue to practice beauty therapies, the field of study is far wider and more complex, as one would expect from an ever-advancing scientific field. Somatology encompasses more than pure science too, since its approach is holistic, a concept that was previously thought to fall outside the scope of science.

Somatology addresses the client’s overall health, well-being and appearance in a holistic manner, since true aesthetic beauty is reliant on every facet of the body being in top condition and optimal balance, both that which is visible and that which underlies or underscores appearance.

A Profession

Most importantly, a somatologist does not simply perform the job of a beauty therapist. Somatology is a recognised profession and a highly specialised career field for which one requires several years of intensive study and training in order to qualify and treat clients professionally and with confidence.

Industry Emphasis

In keeping with our founder’s vision and passion, the emphasis of our prestigious academy remains the provision of cutting edge excellence in all we undertake; the same high standards are expected of our students, who become proud ambassadors of our training institute and successful somatology practitioners in their own right. Our graduates and we continuously strive to improve and uplift this industry, which sustains us and provides such invaluable service to our esteemed clients, who appreciate a healthy, holistic approach.

The Isa Carstens Academy is registered as a Private Higher Education Provider, in accordance with the relevant Act. Our Diploma in Somatology is at NQF Level 6 and spans three years of full-time study, which also incorporates comprehensively practical, hands-on experiential learning and training.

Our somatology diploma’s subjects cover the study fields of anatomy, physiology, biotics, nutrition, cosmetic science, business practice and of course, practical and theoretical somatology – with Isa Carstens’ holistic focus throughout.