Have You Not Thought of a Career Path Yet?- Choose Somatology at the Isa Carstens Academy

Its nearly 2017 and if you’re still sitting at home wondering what to do with the rest of your life, perhaps you should consider the beauty industry. Imagine getting paid to make people look and feel beautiful and healthy, or imagine a lucrative career where you can be your own boss in South Africa, or take your highly sought-after skills and work just about anywhere around the world. Sound exciting? Welcome to the exciting and lucrative world of somatology.

Dating all the way back ancient times, somatology is a multi-skilled career that involves the art and science of making people feel healthier and look beautiful by utilising all of the latest treatments and equipment with a holistic and health-related approach. Defined as the study or science of the human body, somatologists are trained through a Somatology Diploma where they gain a thorough knowledge of the human body and business, subjects include the study of biotics, body exfoliation & body wraps, bridal make-up techniques, diet & nutrition, electrical epilation, facial skin care & beauty treatments, hydrotherapy, laser & plastic surgery, massage techniques & lymph drainage, microdermabrasion & peelings, oil & cosmetic chemistry, physiology & anatomy, reflexology & aromatherapy, waxing &hair removal techniques, and business management & prescriptive retailing.


Not All Beauty Schools Are Equal

The beauty industry is striving day in and day out to reach every individual that needs beauty therapy and as a result, there are a variety of beauty schools in South Africa. Unfortunately, not all beauty schools are equal and not all beauty schools offer CIDESCO accreditation, which is why when choosing yours, make sure to choose the very best one. In fact, there is no question about it – you need to choose the Isa Carstens Academy.


We’re the Leading Provider of Health and Skin Care Tuition in South Africa

Established in 1978, we’re proud to have earned the reputation as the leading provider of health and skin care tuition in South Africa for students who wish to secure a successful career path in somatology. An internationally recognised academy at the forefront of somatology tuition in South Africa and the world, we have a proud history of providing the best curriculum to students who have a choice of either attending our Stellenbosch campus or our Pretoria campus.

As the leading provider of health and skin care tuition in South Africa, we offer a 3-year internationally recognised Somatology Diploma, which allows graduates to work in a variety of health and wellness environments, including: medi-spas, medical aesthetic practices, skin care clinics, cruise liners, salons, spas and hydros. You can also open your own clinic, become a sales representative or get involved in training others at an academic institution like Isa Carstens Academy.

In a fast-changing world, in order to be successful, it’s of vital importance to be happy, which means that the career you choose should be something that you’re absolutely passionate about, and if you’re passionate about the beauty industry, then somatology is the right career path for you. At Isa Carstens Academy, our Somatology Diplomas prepare students for a lifetime journey of success in their careers.