Somatology or Beauty Therapy Courses near Cape Town

Have you just decided to follow your instincts and interests in all things related to beauty? Perhaps you go to a lovely Cape Town salon regularly for a manicure or pedicure, or maybe you have recently spoiled yourself with a relaxing massage and facial.

As you were sitting or lying there, giving in to the sheer pleasure of the moment, in the hands of experts, the “eureka” thought came to you: “I really want to be one of these ladies. I’m going to build myself a career in beauty therapy”.


If so, you’re to be congratulated. You’re about to enter a fast-growing, fascinating and sometimes challenging new wide world, and it’s one that will continue giving back to you, while you give of yourself and your professional expertise to your clients in Cape Town, anywhere in South Africa or elsewhere in the world. Yes – a good, qualified beauty therapist is able to find employment virtually anywhere.


There are a few things pertaining to this wonderful industry of which you should be aware. You need to dedicate your time to your studies in order to obtain a recognised beauty therapy qualification. Without this behind you, you won’t get far, if anywhere at all, certainly not at a professional level.

Useful Attributes

You may sometimes be called upon to work long hours, and your people skills, attention to detail and listening abilities should be good. Because your future career will revolve around people and their therapeutic treatment, patience and understanding will be handy attributes too.

Cape Town Beauty Therapy/Somatology Courses

Isa Carstens Academy, located in the lovely university town of Stellenbosch, is one of this country’s premier beauty therapy/somatology training institutes, offering a recognised, accredited somatology diploma course. This course’s duration and extent is 3 years of full time study.

Most people have a good general idea of what beauty therapy entails, but not everyone is familiar with the word or meaning of “somatology”. So, just what is somatology and how does it differ from beauty therapy?

Various sources define somatology as “the study and science of the human body as a branch of anthropology”, a definition which means that somatology is much more in depth and a wider field than beauty therapy, although numerous such therapies are utilised in the application of somatology.

Somatology takes a very holistic approach in its treatments, which include aromatherapy, reflexology, stress management, massage therapy, and skin and body care. The subjects which are incorporated in our courses and curriculum reflect our focus on somatology, in its true sense.

Elsewhere on our website, please find more comprehensive information on the content of our outstanding beauty therapy/somatology course, and of course, how to apply for enrolment at our Stellenbosch (near Cape Town) or Pretoria campuses.