Sought-After Beauty Professionals Take Isa Carstens Academy’s Courses

You’re about to matriculate and finish your schooling. Are you wondering which direction your life should take next and what career path to follow, or have you obtained your matric last year and taken a gap year, during which you’ve carefully considered your future options. Either way, you’ve come to a decision.

You’ve realised that your interest in and passion for all things related to beauty should be developed into a career in the beauty industry. Your whole working life is ahead of you, so it’s really important that you love your job, and that you enter a field which offers endless possibilities and opportunities for advancement, diversion and growth.

Solid Foundation

However, in order to be successful in this challenging and competitive industry, you must have a solid foundation or basis (a relevant qualification) under your belt, like one (or more) of Isa Carstens Academy’s courses.

Virtually every occupation has become specialised and this is as true in the beauty industry, as it is in any other field you may care to name. The days when a bit of general knowledge and a smidgeon of exposure to a particular discipline were good enough to secure a job offer and a rewarding future are long gone.

Formal study at a reputable institute which offers credible, specialised courses and recognised qualifications is the only path to opportunities and future success. Isa Carstens Academy and the courses that we offer tick all the boxes and more.

Entrance Requirements for Isa Carstens Academy’s Beauty Courses

At our two campuses, Pretoria and Stellenbosch, we offer two specialised, in-depth courses – spa reception and somatology. In both cases, applicants must meet minimum admission requirements.

Spa Reception

Enrolment for spa reception requires either a matric with at least 40% attained in the learning/tuition language, or a National Certificate (Vocational) Level 4, which complies with the tuition/learning language at the higher education institution. Successful completion of this one year course does not lead to a NQF qualification.


Entrance requirements for our somatology course are more stringent, since a diploma is issued upon qualification after learners successfully complete the comprehensive three-year course. A matric (NSC) with a Matriculation Board Certification stating that the learner is eligible to study for a tertiary institute’s diploma qualification is required. There are two enrolment exceptions, details of which may be viewed on our website’s “Somatology” page.

First Steps to a Fabulous Future

We recommend that you start your enrolment process as soon as possible. Isa Carstens Academy’s beauty courses are in demand and openings are limited, as is our first-class student accommodation. Take the first steps up the career ladder, to a fabulous future in an ever-developing, beautiful industry.