3 Reasons to Enrol in Isa Carstens Beautician Courses near Cape Town

It’s no secret that the beauty industry is having its moment and is undeniably the most recession-proof industry to be in right now. As the demand for beauty therapists continues to climb, it is one of those unique jobs that simply cannot be entrusted to those without the necessary qualifications and skills. If you’re interested in acquiring the latest methods of skin care, body therapy, aromatherapy, microdermabrasion, make-up techniques, massage, waxing and body wraps, Isa Carstens Academy (near Cape Town) has the perfect beautician courses for you. Here’s why you should enrol.


#1 We’re the Leading Provider of Health and Skin Care Tuition in South Africa

Recognised for producing graduates of premier standard, we are the leading provider of health and skin care tuition in South Africa. Renowned as the most reputable academy at the forefront of beauty therapy throughout South Africa, we offer beautician courses at both our Pretoria campus and our Stellenbosch campus.


#2 Our Beautician Courses are CIDESCO Accredited

When it comes to a profession such as beauty therapy, accreditation is everything. As the world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of aesthetics and beauty therapy, a CIDESCO accreditation is your passport to the best paying beauty therapy jobs in South Africa and the world. Reflecting a specific superior level of training, knowledge and expertise, we have been running internationally-recognised CIDESO beautician courses at our Stellenbosch campus close to Cape Town for over 36 years. We are simply a beauty therapy academy that offers a qualification of the highest esteem.


#3 We Offer a Well-Rounded Beauty Curriculum

As the first CIDESCO academy to open its doors in South Africa, our beautician courses near Cape Town cover all aspects related to beauty, science and health. A multi-purpose career involving the art and science of making people look and feel better by utilising the latest innovative beauty treatments and procedures, we offer a 3-year internationally-recognised Beauty Therapy Diploma which allows graduates to work anywhere in the world.

All aspects related to beauty and health are integrated and well covered in our courses. Students are educated in anatomy and physiology, biotics, nutrition and diet, business management, cosmetic science and chemistry, oil chemistry, aromatherapy, make-up techniques, advanced skin and body analysis, body exfoliation and wraps, electrical epilation, electrotherapy, facial treatments, hair removal techniques, laser and plastic surgery, nail technology, microdermabrasion and peelings, reflexology, hydrotherapy, massage techniques and lymph drainage.

If you’d like to learn more about our beautician courses near Cape Town, then join our next open day on the 23rd of July 2016 at our Stellenbosch campus. We look forward to seeing you there.