Renew and Rejuvenate Yourself

The products and treatments listed below are available at the Isa Carstens Wellness Sanctuaries.
Please note: Availability of treatments may vary between our Stellenbosch and Pretoria Wellness Sanctuaries.

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Facial Treatments

All facial treatments include a skin analysis to determine an individualised treatment plan and choice of treatment.

  • Deep Cleanse: Cleanse, exfoliation, gentle steam, extractions and a mask (problematic/typical teenage skin)
  • Purifying Back Treatment: A back treatment including cleanse, exfoliation, gentle steam, extractions and a mask.
  • Full Facial: A tailor-made facial specific to skin needs, including cleanse, exfoliation, gentle steam, extractions, massage and a mask.
  • Specialised Facial: (Includes Alginate mask) An intensive facial treatment including cleanse, exfoliation, gentle steam, extractions, massage and a specialised mask. Tailor-made to specific skin needs with long-lasting results.


  • Gatineau
  • Nimue
  • Regim A
  • Environ (retail only)

Clinical Skin Care

Clinical Skin treatments are performed by third year students.

  • Advanced Treatment Peel: This advanced rejuvenating treatment is recommended for environmentally damaged pigmented and problematic skin types. It works by lifting keratinised cells from the surface of the skin and stimulating cell metabolism from deep within.
  • Microdermabrasion: A non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure using a combination of a fine abrasive tip or crystals and vacuum suction applied to the skin. Excellent treatment on photo aging, fine lines, age spots and superficial scaring.


  • Gatineau
  • Nimue
  • Regim A


  • Spa Jet Therapy
  • Experience five treatments in one. Full body scrub and wrap, Infra-Red water jets, colour lights, Aromatherapy and Vibration.
  • Vichy Shower: Invigorating treatment using seven adjustable shower heads. The therapist adjusts the pattern, placement and temperature of the jets to achieve whole body water massage treatment.

Body Treatments

Swedish Massage – Light to Medium pressure

This massage technique calms the body and mind using relaxing flowing movements.

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • Full Body Massage

Swedish Massage – Firm Pressure

This massage technique relieves tense, tired muscles through deep tissue manipulation.

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • Full Body Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot and cold river stones are used to restore balance and energy. A more revitalising experience than traditional massage.

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • Full Body Massage

Foot and Ankle Massage

A relaxing massage for tired, aching feet. Excellent for mothers-to-be or long distance travellers.


Aromatherapy enhances deep relaxation of mind, body & spirit. Blended Eve Taylor essential oils are used together with light stroking massage movements.



An ancient therapy working on energy meridians of the body. Pressure is applied to key areas on the feet to release blocked energy & promote relaxation.

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage involves slow, delicate movements on the lymphatic system of the body. Beneficial for detoxification, cellulite, lethargy and water retention.

Head Massage

It is a relaxing and calming massage of the head that helps to relieve headaches and migraines. The gentle massage nourishes hair by stimulating blood flow; it relaxes the mind and calms the nervous system.

Body Wraps

All Body Wraps include a full body exfoliation & full body wrap.  At an extra cost add a 30min massage on the relevant areas of the body.

Theravine Purifying Clay Wrap

Detoxification of the body through elimination of impurities. The clay has remineralising properties to restore balance to the body.

Theravine Relaxation Body Cream Wrap

Promoting total relaxation, this wrap provides a distressing treatment for mind body & spirit.

Theravine Recharging Body Cream Wrap

A cleansing, stimulating, hydrating and invigorating wrap, leaving the body energised & recharged.

Additional Treatments

  • Waxing, Tinting and Bleaching
  • Make-up application

Wellness Packages

  • Wellness Indulgence
  • Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Swedish Full Body Massage
  • Gentleman’s Escape
  • Facial, Hot Stones Full Body Massage, Pedicure
  • Stress Break
  • Body Scrub, Sculp Massage, Pedicure, Swedish Massage
  • Hand, Foot & Scalp Massage

Nail Treatments

  • Manicures with products by Bio-Sculpture.
  • Pedicures with products by Bio-Sculpture.
  • Liquid and Powder Nail Enhancements with products from NSI.
  • Gel Nail Enhancements with products from Bio-Sculpture.
  • Fibre/Silk Nail Enhancements.


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