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Should it be necessary, arrangements to accommodate the payment of fees should be made well in advance.  We recommend that as soon as a student has been accepted by the Academy following the interview, application must be made at a financial institution for the granting of study assistance.  We can further refer you to several providers of financial assistance, however all offer competitive rates and it is usually best to first approach the bank you have an account with.  Proof of payment must reach our offices by 08 January 2018, that is 1 week prior to registration day.


Option 1 (Normal settlement as required)

Pay the full tuition fee before registration day as required.  Settle the other fees (kit/text books/uniforms) before or on registration day.

Option 2 (Advance Payment)

Start paying in 2017 towards the 2018 tuition fee and receive a discount of 1% per month on the monthly accumulated amount.  This discount can be paid out after registration or be used towards paying for exam fees, kit, text books and uniforms.  Please note that the non-refundable Registration/Administration fee has to be paid before qualifying for the 1% per month discount.  (The 1% discount is not applicable on the non-refundable Registration/Administration fee).

Option 3 (Bank study loan)

Apply for a bank loan.  Isa Carstens Academy has a very good relationship with the following banks: ABSA Student Loans / First National Bank / Standard Bank       


Atterbury Trust Pretoria    

Tel : +27 12 471 1600                           E-mail:

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 NB: No student will be allowed to register unless a written proof from the financial / relevant institution that the study loan has been approved, is presented on day of registration.